The Denmark Festival of Voice workshops are a great way to get up close and personal with your favourite Festival acts. Gain skills and experience from the performers themselves and expand your horizons. Draw inspiration, energy, ideas and creative juice for your journey through attending one of around 30 workshops during the Denmark Festival of Voice!

Breath: Dr Riley Lee

PLEASE NOTE: Change of venue! Now at Golden Hill Steiner school, 222 Scotsdale Rd

with Dr. Riley Lee (of Meditations)

Dr. Riley Lee, ethnomusicologist and Grand Master of the shakuhachi (traditional bamboo flute), has developed these simple exercises through four decades of teaching and performing experience. The purpose of these exercises is to make you aware immediately of your breath.

Assumptions underlying these exercises:

  • There is a healthy way to breathe.
  • Most of us do not breathe in this way.
  • Simple breathing exercises can benefit almost everyone on both physical and metaphysical levels.
  • Better breath awareness leads to better control over all aspects of your life

When: Monday 4 June (10am – 4pm)

Where: Golden Hill Steiner school, 222 Scotsdale Rd

Cost: $60 Weekend Pass holder / $90 non-Weekend Pass holder

Please note: This is a special full day workshop which is separately ticketed. Therefore, this workshop is not included as part of a Denmark Festival of Voice Weekend Pass, Day Pass or Family Pass. However, Weekend Pass holders are eligible for a discounted ticket.

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A Cappella Harmony Technique

with Five7

Join the members of Five7 and explore what it takes to produce a tight harmony sound that buzzes, rings and sizzles!

You will be up and singing short and easy four-part harmony pieces as part of the workshop group whilst you learn some of the techniques for achieving a great a cappella ensemble sound.

This workshop is for any vocalist who loves a cappella and would like to experience and learn more about four-part close-harmony singing.


Air Tight Air Time: How to make the most of your radio interview

Workshop with Chris Edmondson

Radio interviews can be a tricky thing. First, you've got to get the interview, but then you've got to make the most it. Following on from last year's workshop, Chris will take you through the most important steps in giving your arts venture the best possible shot at meaningful air time and building on the opportunity.

Subjects covered in the workshop:

- Getting the interview

- Preparing for the interview

- Following up for future interviews

The workshop will involve a talk followed by a Q & A.

Auslan (Sign Language) For Kids / For Adults

with WA Deaf Arts

Learn how to introduce yourself to a deaf person, the Auslan Deaf alphabet and how to spell your name in this fun one-hour workshop, run by Rae Gibson (a profoundly Deaf mime artist/teacher) and Carrie Brock (a hearing dancer and teacher). Become aware of some of the aspects of Deaf Culture that are quite different to what we would expect to encounter when we enter a world without sound!

Basic Beatbox

with Ross Vegas

Learn to mimic the sounds of drums and other instruments with the original instrument, the human mouth. There is a band in your face; let it out.


with B. Forrester

Join local author B. Forrester for an hour of creativity and story telling in this interactive kids workshop. Participants will get to create their own monster and a short story starring their creation.

Choirleading, according to S. Taberner

with Stephen Taberner

Stephen Taberner offers unlimited access to such wisdom as he has regarding conducting, arranging and blending, and other choir-ish things. Mostly, this is an experiment in the making of beautiful sounds. We will do things and see what happens when we do them. Open to all comers, the leaders and the led.

Do It - Write a Song!

with David Rawet

All you need are words, music and time to put them together. Some inspiration to get started and some determination to make it work.

Easy? Why not find out? Bring pen and paper, maybe something you have been working on, perhaps even an instrument – or just come along as you are.

Gregorian Chant for Beginners

with Helen Thomson (of Meditations)

Helen Thomson will guide you through the basics of singing chant, singing basic harmonies on chant melodies, and introduce you to some early rhythmic music based on Chant melodies.

Introduction to Indian Vocal Percussion (Konakol)

with Vickneswaran Ramakrishnan (of Praashekh Quartet)

Vickneswaran Ramakrishnan is a virtuoso tabla specialist and an adroit performer of the traditional vocal percussive arts of Konnakol and bols. Together with sarod maestro, Praashekh Borkar, he will share some of his insights into this dextrous vocal language and teach some introductory phrases to participants.

Loops FX and all things Nice

with The Defects (aka the Brothers of Electro Defection)

Explore the endless world of loops and fx and just general warpedness. The Defects have an astonishing array of weird noises find out how they do it. Get hands on experience all sorts of effects that you can easily learn to use to embellish your vocal performance.

Mansinging: A Beginners Guide

with The Men of the West

Come and sing with The Men of the West and learn two songs: a loud one with tips on breathing, singing as a unit and general brouhaha — and a quiet song, how to sing and listen with exquisite tenderness and delicate attention. All genders welcome.

Music in Harmonic Temperament

with Messer's Lore

The workshop is designed to introduce participants to the sweet sound and concept of harmonic temperament - music made in accordance with the physical laws of sound deriving intervals from the harmonic series as opposed to dividing the octave into twelve equal steps as done in western music equal temperament.

The workshop discusses the theory behind it, demonstrates the difference with aural examples, shows participants instruments designed and modified to play in harmonic temperament and finishes off teaching a song participants can sing/play along with.

Noongar Linguistics

with Koondarm

Koondarm's workshop will focus on Noongar language and songs and exploring looping of sounds and repetition of language.

Pig Me Improvising

with Stephen Taberner

Stephen Taberner has spent a decade or so involved in developing some notions of how to create amazing improvised vocal music with a bunch of people and no script. The results are often beautiful and even more often quite funky and foolish. Above all, this is an excercise in fortuitous listening and the allowing of songs to develop organically, kind of like beautiful ancient vases under the archaeoligist’s brush.

Qi Gong

with Lyndal Gallaway

A joyful and energising mind and body breathing practice for a great energetic start to the day. Cultivate, activate & capture vital lifeforce.

Shanty Singing

with The Lost Quays

Let Fremantle's original Shipsters teach you about the tradition of the sea shanty, as we learn songs and develop nautical harmonies to delight all mermaids and mermen.

Singing Your Heart Out

with Winiata Puru

Group singing and Winiata will be teaching a few songs from around the world and a very simple dance.

Slam Poetry Performance

with Jesse Oliver

Have you ever wanted to perform your poetry with the conviction of which it was written? Where are the lines between poetry, spoken word and slam? What even is a Slam and how do I win one?

In this workshop, Australian Poetry Slam Champion Jesse Oliver will be mentoring us on the ins and outs of slam competition. A human voice performing poetry adds otherwise invisible dimensions, but when you have a 2 minute time limit, a panel of judges to impress and performance anxiety… things can get tricky.

Bring down your semi-finished poetry and learn how to transform your words from page to stage, and from stage to engage! All in time for the DFoV Poetry Slam!

Song Writing for a New World

with Barry Peters (of Lots of Little Sea Creatures)

Group members will have the joy of working together in the simplest of forms as the workshop demands the highest level of involvement creating a song spontaneously. Not only does it give insight into the creation of music, but leaves participants with the long lasting confidence and thrill – “we wrote that!”. You will not be disappointed with this experience.

Songs of The Union Movement

with Working Voices Choir

Since forming in 1989, the Working Voices choir has been singing songs about the struggles of working people and about the labour movement in Australia and other parts of the world. During this interactive and fun workshop, come and learn some famous Union songs and also learn about their rich histories. You will be supported and encouraged by members of the Working Voices choir.

Songwriting for Change

with Elena B Williams

A song writing workshop for writers who wish to inspire social change in local community and the world. Lets take a walk in Australian music history and understand how songwriters have made social and world change through music. We will also take a look at the power of poetry and imagery and how these simple tools can enhance your songwriting.

Songwriting for Fun

with Myles Mitchell & The Hot Mama Band

This is a short fun workshop about taking the pressure out of songwriting by removing the end goal, and unleashing the creativity. With a few handy hints and some practical advice along the way, this session aims to inspire the next stage in your songwriting journey.

Sound Healing / Universal Love

with Madjitil Moorna Choir

Sometimes at Madjitil Moorna Choir practice we end our sessions with a sound healing circle followed by my song Universal Love. It would be so wonderful to share this uplifting experience with a big mob as this song seems to get a lot of fantastic positive feedback everywhere we go.

First, we will teach Universal Love in English; Second, Universal Love in Noongar Language; Third, we will take the audience through a very deep spiritual sound healing meditation (which will include didgeridoo, guitar, tibetan bells but mainly many voices); Fourth, we will gently end session with Universal Love in english then Noongar language (Like Chanting).

The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Words

with Kate Wilson

Whether you write for the page or the stage, the sound of the words you choose can create music for your audience. This playful poetry workshop will open up your sound toolbox and encourage you to sharpen your language, so you can hammer home your meaning.

Uke and Song

with The Lelebirds

Join Teresa Hughes and the Lelebirds for a session of singing and strumming well loved tunes from a range of eras and genres. Beginners to advanced players welcome to join in and learn some new techniques, have a go at improvising and generally have an enjoyable time!

Mime Workshop for Kids

with Damian Le Page

In this 30 minute mime workshop, learn to create convincing illusions including the statue, wall, doors, opening windows, being pulled along by a large dog, as well as a few basic magic tricks.

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