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Baden Street Singers, The
Situating your Singers for Better Blend

Blend is a dirty word in The Baden Street Singers. Why compromise your natural voice to sound like someone else when we can create a blended sound by where we stand? Join Nick Schurmann and The Baden Street Singers as we learn how to find the best standing formation for any set of voices. Your singers will feel more comfortable, sing better, and create a more unified sound!

Carl Panuzzo 
The Big Sing 

The Festival will once again host its traditional Big Sing mornings, both Saturday 5th June and Sunday 6th of June, led by the amazing festival favourite Carl Panuzzo. As a creator, interpreter and improviser, Carl is recognized as a sensitive, dynamic and fearless singer, a quickfire musical mind and affable and engaging stage presence.

Carl Panuzzo 
Kids Big Sing

Carl is also set to lead the festival’s second “Kids Big Sing”. Bring your young ones to participate or sit an observe as others do, we want young voices to know the joy of singing in the moment with one of Australia’s experts!

Della Mob
Vocal Technique

Explore vocal technique with Della Rae Morrison and others.

Formidable Vegetable
Permaculture: A Rhymer's Manual

An eccentric experience in ecological edutainment, Permaculture: A Rhymer’s Manual is a musical exploration of David Holmgren’s 12 principles of permaculture from his book ‘Permaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability’. Presented by Charlie MGee on ukulele and trombone, this is one way to turn earthworms into earworms and commit the principles of regenerative design to memory through music, mnemonic and meme.

Kavisha Mazzella

Empty Sky is a gathering where we celebrate the mystic and wisdom traditions of the world through song and silence. A deep dive into acapella music making - from harmony to beatboxing and vocal percussion. Learn how to construct/imitate beat patterns and find your own personal sound. Also a look into improvisation and building up a song from scratch on the spot. Words from Saint Francis , Kabir, Rumi  and the Buddhist Zen Sutras have been woven in with Kavisha’s music to awaken a  journey to the heart.

Noongar Singalong - Orignals

Join Kobi Morrison and Koondarm Noongar Choir in a Noongar singalong, learning original songs from Koondarm’s repertoire.

Lost Quays, The
The Art of Shanty Singing

Want to learn the history of shanty singing and its unique West Australian links?

Come along and join in some of these traditional seafaring work songs. Take the opportunity to lead one yourself and release your inner Shantyman! Open to shanty singers of all genders and ages.

Lucky Oceans & David Milroy
Song Writing and Performance

A humorous look at the various methods of songwriting and some performance tricks and craft.

Lyndal Gallaway

JoyFul Awakening Energising Relaxing movement with breath in harmony with nature, internal ...external...Self

Madjital Moorna
Integrating Noongar into your Choir

Madjitil Moorna will share new songs in language, from indigenous artists from all around Australia.

Men of the West
A Day in The Life of a Man

You wake up, grab your coffee, maybe cook yourself some eggs; select your finest black clothes and retrieve your hat before heading to rehearsal. Step inside the life of a Man of the West, and what a typical rehearsal might be like. Participation mandatory, hats strongly encouraged.

Myles Mitchell
The Art of Public Speaking and Connecting with Audiences

Learn practical skills and gain confidence in public speaking for all occasions in a fun, supportive and easy-going workshop With tips for connecting with audiences.

Naya Chorale
Sound Production Techniques

Using the most crunchy, the most beautiful, and the most epic excerpts from Naya’s repertoire, Adam Brockway will teach the sound production techniques that take the music from “notes and words” to an emotionally-moving experience.

Sing Polyphony

Radujsja is a 5 voice ensemble specialising in Eastern European Folk music.

The region has a sophisticated and ancient singing tradition which varies from place to place. In this workshop Radujsja will teach a multi part polyphonic folk song.

Participants will be intrigued to discover the amazing sounds they can contribute to, even when singing relatively simple individual lines

Rose Parker Trio
Find Your Voice

Your voice is as unique as your fingerprint… Your voice is the sound that comes from deep within you… We are born with a beautiful instrument INSIDE OUR  VERY OWN BODY!!!! It gives you the capacity to tell your truth..your story.  Do not let it be silenced! When combined with melody it is a powerful tool of emotional expression and transformation.

Mouth Sounds 101

Come join Ryan "Rye-Rye" Nicholson as he runs you through a crash course in acapella. From singing technique, harmony, vocal percussion, stage presence and even a bit of improvisation, it'll be jam packed workshop for beginners and veterans alike

Shady Jane Duo
Arranging Songs for Solo and Duo 

Ever wanted to perform your favourite tunes but don’t have a band? Come along to the Shady Jane workshop and pick up some tips on ‘making a song work' on your own or with a musical mate.

Sonia Anderson
Fringe Big Sing

Join Sonia Anderson in a fun explosion of song and sound, and, if the mood takes you, join us out on the streets!

Walyalyup Kannajil
Noongar Singalong Covers

Join Kobi Morrison and Fremantle (Walyalup)’s Noongar choir in learning some well-known covers in Noongar.