Winiata Puru

Winiata Puru’s music has been Inspired by forest protests; The Aboriginal Tent Embassy; listening to other artists singing very sad songs and incredibly rich inspiring songs. Winiata Puru realised being in the front line at Forest protests that it’s really important to keep the morale up, and apart from good food, it’s so important that there is music and dance to keep the camp healthy. And for Elders of Australia that have motivated and inspired people to ‘fight’ for justice by listening to their stories and putting it into music form. It’s an important tool to pass onto young people. To encourage music in front of police, in front of precarious situations like protests. And to engage children, especially round a campfire, with songs of the past. The children are our future; it’s imporant to have a happy safe gathering for and with the kids.

“I’ve always been interested in the human voice and how it can calm people and turn a situation. It can actually calm the whole situation down. So music is a tool to share with others as well as to express one’s concern about the Environment or a particular campaign. I thoroughly enjoy it because I’m from a people who didn’t have a written language so it was important to use music as well as telling stories. I would be honoured to sing at the Festival of Voice.” – Winiata Puru

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