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The Centre for Stories is a place where stories are told, shared, and kept. It’s also a place where the craft of storytelling is taught and learned. We tell stories in order to amplify the voices of people who want to improve their personal circumstances and make their communities healthier, safer and more inclusive.

At the Denmark Festival of Voice, Centre for Stories brings you a series of stories from a diverse group of storytellers. Join them for three intimate, live storytelling sessions about resilience, identity, and culture.

Daniel & Matthew Bacon

Daniel Bacon was raised on a farm in the Swan Valley and has lived in Western Australia his whole life. Since a young age he has had a love for people. He likes to use his experiences and story as a platform to encourage others to be able to share and accept theirs. As someone who identifies as transgender, he truly knows the importance of self-acceptance and self-love in the journey towards becoming your most authentic self.

Matthew is 25 years old and works in health promotion for the WA AIDS Council. He considers himself a very passionate person, something that is reflected by his job and his studies in sexual health and sexuality. He is a gay man and very proud to be. Growing up, Matthew says the one thing that could have helped him was knowing he wasn’t alone and that other people felt like him. This is what has contributed to his love of sharing of stories.

Esther Amito Onek

Esther was born in South Sudan and is from the Acholi tribe.

Due to South Sudan’s instability, her family fled to Kakuma Refugee camp where they lived for seven years.

Despite arriving to Australia at the age of 10, and not knowing English, Esther ultimately obtained a Bachelor of Social Work and now works for Women’s Health and Family Services.


Hossein Bouazar

Hossein is a young Ahwazi refugee who arrived in Australia late 2012.

He completed his Diploma of ICT Networking whilst learning English.

Hossein always fascinated other students by telling his story to different schools in Western Australia.

Employed by Kolbe Catholic College as the Information, Communications & Technology Systems Officer, he likes to use his story of migrating to Australia to explain how important freedom and democracy are.

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