RaeleneB Trio

Raelene’s sumptuous, soulful, and sometimes sassy originals (with occasional traditional songs/covers), are enriched by the vocal and instrumental stylings of Neil Steward (Jane and the Rain/Summerhouse) and Bev Abela (Cat Among the Pigeons). The trio creates a feast of textures ranging from simple a capella to guitars, small percussion, bass, flute and vocal harmonies in music that traverses the subtle and soaring to rockin out bluesy.

Raelene also offers a solo performance of “An Invitation to the Wedding of Inanna and Dumuzi”; original songs and story-telling based on the 5,000 year old love poetry of Inanna from Ancient Sumer. Raelene is the current musical director of Working Voices Choir and the newly formed Irish Choir of Perth. She did her PhD in performance on stories of the goddess Inanna of Ancient Sumer, and is working on a CD.

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