Jak Mak The Undiminished


Jack Mak the Undiminished (musical play on words), has been busking regularly over the last 5 years in and around Denmark playing sets of classic rock cover tunes. Jack covers songs from Neil Young, Ray Lamontagne, Bob Marley, Tom Petty, Pink Floyd and others and does a heartfelt cover of Steve Winwoods’ “Can’t Find My Way Home”.

Jack has played at the Garrison, Albany and at Freehand Organic Wines and is a regular at the Steiner Markets on a Friday afternoon. Every now and then he may even be found at the White Star in Albany. A captivating performer, he exudes a certain gravitas and brings songs to life in captivating ways. Great for background music or the listening audience. Mellow, yet strong, forceful , yet gentle, makes every word of every song his own.

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