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Áváreh آواره & Found

Second Generation Collective,  Ashena, b

Áváreh آواره & Found is a visual poem; a creative expression that bears witness to the lived experiences of first and second generation Iranian-Australians. Founded by Boorloo-based artists Elham Eshraghian-Haakansson and Asha Kiani, the Second Generation Collective engages the arts to explore stories of refugee-ship, migration, and identity. Video artist, Eshraghian-Haakansson, has spent many years researching and producing works inspired by her Baha’i, Iranian-Australian heritage. Kiani, a multi-disciplinary artist, engages a practice built on exploring grief, human relationships, and the power of storytelling. In 2020 the pair brought together a community of creatives comprised of migrants who fled Iran during the 1979 Revolution, and their children who have grown up on Noongar Boojar.

Aqueous - water : longing : memory


A poetic audio visual multi art-form experiment exploring the potential of listening as a form of creative agency.


An installation and web based collaborative media arts work: poetry, music, field recordings, sound design, images.


Water evokes, dissolves and contains memories. If we listen we can hear.


A collaborative project with Kim Scott, Maree Dawes, Barbara Temperton, Yann Toussaint, Tim Dunn and Marianthe Loucataris.

The Voice Collector

The Voice Collector

In 2020 the Voice Collector re-appears during the time of Covid 19 (one of the many symptoms of an ailing Planet, of an ecosystem trying to adjust). Deeply concerned by the state of the warming Planet, the 6th Extinction crisis and feeling a deep melancholia about the diminishing possibility of the survival of the human species he decides to collect the answers to 3 questions:

1. What do we need to do to stop Global warming, environmental degradation and the 6th extinction crisis.

2. What do I need to do to help stop Global warming, environmental degradation and the 6th extinction crisis.

3. What specific actions will I take to help stop Global warming, environmental degradation and the 6th extinction crisis.

The Wilding Stories


The Wilding Stories is an audio storytelling project; a story of magic realism, told and retold by powerful women’s voices in powerful ways; designed to reach people in all stages of life, in our homes, our communities and across the globe Each of us tells and hears a story in different ways. The Wilding Stories is a multi-arts project, opening a safe space for listening, and an invitation for creative reflection to those who wish to engage in artistic response and/or creating new interpretations of the original tale.