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Well, we did it!

Launching Australia's Tiny Festival Movement, we held our first

Tiny DFoV



intimate but spacious





2 days - Voices of Denmark: The Tiny Big Sing, Storytellers, Choral, Original Song, Chant, Jazz, Swamp Blues, R&B,

Funk, Soul, Country, Indie Folk, Boogie... we've got it happening at our Tiny Festival...

Many thanks to the wonderful crew who jumped on board to make it happen:

to the awesome Denmark performers/presenters who's voices shone

to the fabulous Denmark audiences who sold us out in two tiny days

and to our terrific sponsors:

proudly presented by Healthway, promoting positive health in these times

The Shire of Denmark - our local partners in culture

Regional Arts WA - our state partners in culture

watch out for ongoing youtubes of performances!

DFoV 2020: The tiny Festival Gallery

The abbreviated 'how to' guide for creating a Tiny Festival in five days...

1. Call up people you know will be enthusiastic about the idea, however crazy it is - thanks to Penny Goodwin, Dave Rastrick, Terry MacKintosh, Kira Schimmelpfennig, Mike Hemmings

2. Call up performers who you know are ready to go and will jump at the chance

3. Allow the flow to happen and say yes to anyone who arises out of nowhere and wants to help. Thanks to Kristi McMullan, Rosey Reddie and Kimberley Davies, and also Heather Williams and Rob Castiglione

4. Contact sponsors and hear them laugh and say 'great idea, you know your community, go for it, we're with you'. Thanks to Healthway, the Shire of Denmark and Regional Arts WA

5. Take a deep breath, cancel all other plans for the next week, ring the ABC Great Southern, say WHY NOT? and start posting on social media.

As they say "ignore the naysayers, harness the forces of chaos, focus on the goal and proceed".

a few snapshots below... professional footage of performances and Tiny Festival video will be uploaded in July

4 square meters sacred eco-geometry by K
The Tiny Big Sing.jpg
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Start with sacred geometry, 4 square meter bubbles - Kristi McMullan

The Tiny Big Sing spacious and awesome with Sonia Anderson

Eugene Eades and Boyd Stokes - Mixed Mob

Boyd Stokes and Elder Eugene Eades - Mixed Mob

Minstrelwindwise & Romain.jpg

Minstrelwindwise & Romain.. jazz at the Tiny Club

Blue Tongue Lizzard.jpg

Blue Tongue Lizzard



Dave Rastrick.jpg

Dave Rastrick - on 33 instruments and sound...

Jeff Atkinson, story-teller at DFoV 2020

Jeff Atkinson, Storyteller, takes us to Wales

Liz Jack performs at DFoV 2020 - The Tin

Liz Jack and spaciously safe Tiny audience

Adam Grok Trio.jpg

Adam Grok Trio

Myles and Jen Mitchell.jpg

Myles Mitchell and groovin dancin Jen Mitchell

Cathy Martin, Storyteller.jpg

Kathy Martin, Storyteller, with the little red house, with no windows, no doors, a chimney and a star in the middle....

Boundaries returned to centre.jpg

done and dusted.... see you next year for DFoV 2021!