Dr. Ysaye Maria Barnwell

The Big Sing

Masterfully led by Dr. Ysaÿe Maria Barnwell, singers and non-singers alike will share the common experience of learning in the oral tradition and singing rhythms, chants, traditional songs from Africa and the Diaspora, and a variety of songs from African American culture including spirituals, ring shouts, hymns, gospels, and songs from the Civil Rights Movement. Through out this experience, the group will explore from an African American world view, the values imbedded in the music, the role of cultural and spiritual traditions and rituals, ways in which leadership emerges and can be shared by and among community members, the nature of cultural responses to and influences on political and social struggle, and finally the significance of a shared communal experience in ones' personal life.

Gina Williams & Guy Ghouse

Master Class

Gina and Guy will offer an afternoon “Masterclass,” where they will teach singers a song from each of the four principles which underpin their work. These principles are Koort (Heart), Moort (Family/Community), Boodja (Land) and Koorlangka (Children/Legacy).

Farhan Shah

Qawalli Singing

Rooted in the mystical poetry of South Asia and the Middle East Qawalli singing will take you to another place and time. It is built on chant and repetition, song and clapping, rhythm and melody working together and improvisation over the top. Come and explore this hypnotising, uplifting form of devotion through the power of the voice with a musical tradition that stretches back almost a thousand years.

West Australian Symphony Orchestra Chorus

Open Rehearsal

Join an Open Rehearsal/Workshop when people can join in on the WASO Chorus’s first rehearsal for their next performance: WASO’s Last Night of the Proms. Music will be provided, and will include:

John Rutter "For the Beauty of the Earth"  

Karl Jenkins "Benedictus from The Armed Man" 

Loewe "My Fair Lady: Ascot Gavotte"    

Parry "Jerusalem"   

Muqam Rak

Ancient Music

This workshop features Shohrat Tursun on dutar and vocals and daf percussionist Tayir Imen.


The workshop will introduce participants to the ancient music of the Uyghur people and explain and demonstrate the different parts of the Muqam Rak song cycle. It will also offer an introduction to dutar, daf and vocal techniques used, as well as the dance which accompanies the song cycle.

Albany Sinfonia

One More Song - a foray into singing musical theatre choruses 

Join Albany Sinfonia's Artistic Director Neville Talbot, international baritone James Clayton, and WA Opera's Mark Alderson in a joyful celebration of musical theatre. Participants will work on vocal techniques for singing in a music theatre or opera chorus, and then workshop several choruses from the repertoire, including 'One Day More', the finale of the first act of Les Miserables. Participants will then be encouraged to join the Sinfonia, Sinfonia chorus, and the Albany SHS Music Theatre students on stage to perform 'One Day More' in the finale of their DFOV Concert on Sunday. The more the merrier in what is sure to be a fun and loud singing experience!

Mal Webb

Lip to Lung Global Glottal Adventure

Around the world and into your gob, vocal explorer and songwriter Mal Webb takes you through the physics, physiology and phrivolity of all the sounds a face can make. Sideways yodelling, beatbox/mouth drums, harmonics/throat singing, mic technique, looping, advanced clapping and vocal distortion (without hurting) are all explored on the way to being a band with your voice and the lead singer too.

Mission Songs

Mission Songs Project - Sing Along!

Bring your voices and instruments to join Jessie Lloyd and friends in a mass jam session of songs from the Missions era.


Come to celebrate the history and strength of our Indigenous community through the music and songs from The Songs Back Home album and more.


Puirt a beul - Mouth Music

Puirt à beul (pronounced “pursht a beul”) is traditional form singing native to Scotland, Ireland, Cape Breton and Nova Scotia. Literally meaning “music of the mouth”, there is a strong emphasis on the driving rhythm of the words and steady underlying beat. The words, which are often non-sensical, are secondary to the rhythm which makes Puirt à beul great to dance to. This highly rhythmic music is enormous fun to sing! Join Co-cheòl for a workshop where they will teach one of these fabulously rhythmic songs which will have you sounding almost like an instrument in a traditional Scottish band.

Look This Way: See Our Voices

Learn to Sign: An Introduction to Auslan

Again, like in 2018, (with many more Deaf people around to help - and to argue that they sign "girl" on the other cheek!!!), Carrie Brock, and Rae Gibson from WA Deaf Arts will demonstrate the very basics of Australian Sign Language. Learn the alphabet, basic greetings and a few more fun signs.

Madjitil Moorna

Sharing Songs in Language

Madjitil Moorna will share new songs in language, from indigenous artists from all around Australia.


Sing Songs in Nyoongar

Join Koondarm in Singing song that are in Nyoongar, some of which may by familiar to you.

Mama Red and the Dark Blues

Poetry/Lyricism for Singer-Songwriters

Paul Kelly's latest foray has reawakened the nation’s fascination with the power of poetry and narrative. This workshop will explore poetry as a place to begin song writing and will focus on finding a personal voice by exploring participant’s inner worlds. With a focus on the art and economy of lyrical writing Melanie Bainbridge, Harry Deluxe & Therese Cruise from Mama Red & the Dark Blues will take each emerging song writer through a story seekers journey, and bring them out with their own piece of lyric poetry to share.

Brenda Chapman

Songwriting Crash Course

Do you already write songs? Maybe you don’t even know where to begin? Well Brenda’s inspiring, supportive and fun crash course will help take the mystery out of songwriting and will give you some tools to go home and easily complete your songs. We'll cover some songwriting basics and do some fun exercises to unleash your creative juices. Both experienced and inexperienced songsmiths are welcome.

The Lost Quays

Find Your Inner Shantyman

Whether your calling be a Halyard Shanty, Foresheet Shanty, Capstan Shanty, Pump Shanty or Fo’c’s’le Song – The Lost Quays can help! These are work songs, so it’s ALL IN. Join the crew to find your fancy, learn some maritime history and have fun at this rollicking singalong!

B. Forrester 

Build A Beastie

In this workshop kids get to let their creativity run rampant and create their own monster. B. will teach kids the basics of creating a monster from scratch and how to write a short story featuring their creation.

St. George Chapel Choir 

Conducting and Rehearsal Technique

Learn what it is like to conduct a Chapel Choir with Christophe Karas (MMus, Cambridge) and the Chapel Choir of St George's College (UWA). The importance of gesture and manner during valuable rehearsal time will be explored, and you can even have a chance to conduct the choir!

B. Forrester 

Fracturing Fairy Tales

In this workshops kids get to change a well known Fairy Tale so it becomes something new. Maybe Cinderella decides going to the Ball is too much effort? Maybe Snow White is allergic to apples? Kids will get to pick a key element of a Fairy Tale to change and explore how that changes the story.

Woven Reeds

Harmonic Minor with Woven Reeds

Woven Reeds love harmonic minors. They can at first sound a bit odd but once you get them there is a whole world of possibilities to explore. Come and learn to sing a song or two in a harmonic minor scale and maybe even sing along with the band during one of their performances.

Providence Gospel Choir 

Gospel Pub Choir

Learn 2-3 gospel songs from our show in 3 part harmony. Attendees will be invited to sing with us at one of our performances.

The Giovanni Consort

Donne - Music for Female Voices 

The Giovanni Consort has become renowned for its exquisite presentation of unaccompanied choral music ranging from the mediaeval period to the present day. This festival workshop will specifically explore the evolution of music written for the female voice, from the 11th Century to the 21st Century, presented by Michael Lukin.

The Baden Street Singers

So you think you can dance?

Want to learn how to deliver a genuine performance on stage - without fancy costumes, lighting cues and choreography? The award-winning Baden Street Singers will give you a few tips. No previous experience is required to attend this fun, hands-on workshop. Just bring yourself and - more importantly - be yourself!

The Ballpoint Penguins

Write a Comedic Song - Penguin Style

Writing a comic song can be a great way to get started in your songwriting career. It can be a cathartic and enjoyable part of your mental health maintenance. It can be absolutely project managed! The Penguins will reveal their songwriting secrets and join you in brainstorming ideas for your next comic masterpiece. Bring a pencil, paper and your wildest ideas.

Midlife Critics

Song Introductions

What does the song introduction do for your performance? How does it impact on your audience? This workshop will explore the things that make a good song introduction, and try to help you improve your performance by polishing your song introductions.  It will involve audience participation – bring along a song that you perform and want to introduce better, and we will try them out with the group.

Chris Edmondson

Sketchy Characters - Songwriting Workshop

Chris Edmondson will take you through ins & outs explorations of how to “draw” characters into song.  You will discuss and workshop what makes a “story song” and how to condense your novel into just a few short verses and choruses, look for that hook to get the head and heart humming all the while watching and hearing your tuneful tale come to life.

Adam Grok

Meditative Song for the Soul

In this workshop, folks will be taken on a meditative journey inwards with focus on breath and sweet intent, accompanied by ambient vibrational sounds and song by musician, health practitioner and yoga teacher, Adam Grok.

This is a workshop designed to revitalise energies and bring you back ‘Home’ to that sacred place of connection within.

Lyndal Gallaway

Qi Gong

Lyndal will guide us in gathering our Qi (Chi) life force to relax, release, re-energize & open body/heart & mind, enhancing the joyful celebration of this wonderful weekend in Denmark.


Qi Gong practice takes us through smooth flowing body movements combined with breath 

& focused attention.  No previous experience required  or dress code....simply an openness to explore & enjoy the pleasure of feeling more energized & at ease with oneself.