Leanna Shoveller

Leanna Shoveller is a Karrajarri/Yawuru Woman from Bidyadanga/Broome but grew up in Halls Creek. Singing at the age of five she was the youngest member in her family’s school band called Kija ‘n’ Jaru. Her first huge performance in the band was at Broome’s first festival ‘Stompen Ground’ in 1992 which is still a big success today and was televised live on ABC’s music programme ‘Rage’. She was also the highlight to her Family band being at that time the youngest leading vocalist and performer. They entertained local gatherings, restaurants, festivals, small back yard gigs to huge performances all around the Northwest, Pilbara and Northern Territory.  Leanna also fell in love with media which she was introduced to at a young age, so she worked at Halls Creek’s local radio station Puranyangu Ranga Kerrem at the age of 13. This is where her confidence grew with her very own show called ‘The Young, Black and Deadly’ programme, and was the youngest broadcaster in the Kimberley Region. Juggling between school, singing and a job, she was 16 when she made her first solo album (Where We Sat Down) with the back up of the family’s band, and at age 18 went on to making a documentary about the relationship between a father and daughter’s love of music, culture and the importance of family. This short film went throughout Australia’s SBS and ABC programme. She then worked for Pilbara and Kimberley Aboriginal Media. This is where she found the passion to help increase the popularity of Aboriginal Artists and bands via music videos and also helped to keep the Indigenous culture alive by recording and filming documentaries, culture, school programmes and Aboriginal art history. Now living in Walpole, Leanna dedicates her life to her three beautiful children, also teaching them to sing and talk in their Traditional Language. She is now moving slowly towards a new album with more traditional music and lyrics of culture and story.

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