Charles Maimarosia

Charles Maimarosia is a contemporary musician born and raised in the remote Pipisu village of the Solomon Islands.

His profound interest in the ancient Are’Are cultures, stories and songs of his home started after inheriting his first coconut shell ukulele from his father. He later began performing amongst his community, performing the traditional music and prophecies of his ancestors with hand-crafted pan flutes. Charles has toured the world with his former band Narasirato and has since performed across Australia, where he is now based, in support of his remarkable solo release, “Are’Are”.

In 2000, along with like-minded boys of his village, Charles formed the globally-recognised panpipe orchestra known as Narasirato, acting as their former front man, choreographer and songwriter. The band were recognised for incorporating traditional Are’are music and spirited dances into their performances to audiences world-wide. In 2010, after years of international touring and a #1 single “My Culture, My Life”, Charles relocated to Melbourne, Australia to focus on his solo career.

Charles has found a unique bridge between ancestral pan pipe music and contemporary sounds, which he performs solo at festivals and venues around Australia. He holds a strong sense a simplicity and grace in his solo performances as he communicates the ancient stories of his ancestors in language.


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