Ensemble Aznash Laaman

The Ensemble Aznash Laaman is a collective of ethnic Chechen musicians and singers from Georgia whose repertoire consists of traditional Chechen sacred women’s songs of Sufi inspiration, songs inherited from the Caucasian women bards and Georgian songs from an inaccessible little mountain region, the Tushétie, between Daghestan, Chechnya and Georgia. For the Aznash Laaman there is the root, the vibration common to all, carried by the songs. It is joy and wealth for all beings.

Traditional Chechen songs are a blend of Persian music, ballads of bards from the Caucasus, and Slavic melancholy to the rhythm of Mongol horses. The home of the women, in the Pankisi Valley, is also the home of ancient polyphonic chant.

The Ensemble Aznash Laaman (voices of peace of the mountains) is led by vocalist and head of sacred tradition in the Pankisi Valley, Raïssa Darejan Margoshvili. They have been singing together for 15 years, touring internationally, particularly to sacred music festivals. Artistic Director Yannick Loyer, also a musician specialising in sacred music of Babel, accompanies the Ensemble on tour.

The women are interviewed by Aljazeera here:





Ensemble Aznash Laaman is part of the “12 Voices, 3 Countries, 1 Heart” DFoV project, funded by the Federal Government through the Department of Communication and the Arts Catalyst Program.

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